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We specialize in repairing and restoring vintage, vacuum tube electronics such as console radios, tabletop radios, AM/FM tuners, audio amplifiers, and record players from the 1920s through the 1960s. We also offer our own high quality vacuum tube HiFi audio amplifier, the 6L6SEST!

Most electronics today are manufactured well enough to run for the intended, engineered lifetime of the product. They are to be used until they break or wear out, and then thrown away and replaced with something new. When something breaks and service is required, there is usually a customer service center for you to send these products in to get repaired.

Antique Tabletop Radio - Wood ZenithBut what if you have a vintage tabletop or console radio from the 1930s that doesn’t work or needs restored? What about that wonderful sounding, 1960s vacuum tube HiFi amplifier that works, but sounds harsh or emits a loud hum? Where do you get service for these devices?

Seven HiFi Amplifier Company.


Vintage HiFi

Vintage Vacuum Tube HiFi Amplifier - HH Scott

With the resurgence of vinyl records and that wonderful analog audio sound, lots of people are bringing out their vintage HiFi systems and remembering just how good analog audio is! Because of their age, most of these systems will need some care and attention to bring them back to their full potential and Seven HiFi Amp Company is here to help. Bring your vintage HiFi stereo system in for restoration service and bring that wonderful, full stereo sound back into your home.

Antique Radio & Record Player Restoration

Vintage Tabletop Bakelite Radio - FadaAntique radios and tabletop record players from the 1920’s through the 1960’s not only make wonderful collectors items, they look great and can sound amazing once their electronics have been restored. Most devices of this era require careful, special servicing to bring them back to life. Vintage Antique Console Record Player - RCAWe specialize in sourcing the proper replacement parts from around the world to service these devices. In the rare instance replacement parts cannot be found for your radio or record player, we can help in crafting creative solutions that may fix or even improve the service and performance or your device.

Turntable Refresh & Calibration

Almost all vintage turntables need “refreshing” to bring them back to proper working order. A thorough cleaning and fresh lubrication of the changer mechanism is only part of the job. Proper alignment and tracking adjustments to your stylus should be made to not only extend the life of your stylus and records, but also get the best sound possible from your turntable.

Turntable Calibration

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