Light Up Your U-Turn Orbit!

If you are shopping for a new turntable, the U-Turn Orbit is a very popular choice. It’s well built, American made, sounds great, and has several upgrade options you can choose at purchase time, or as an after-purchase upgrade path.

One of the coolest options U-Turn offers is a full acrylic platter over the standard MDF platter. The acrylic platter is much heavier. It smooths out the rotation of the platter for better speed consistency. It’s also more dense which helps tighten up the bass and deliver more detail out of your records. It also offer some really cool lighting effects!

It’s a simple modification / addition to your U-Turn Orbit that really accents the turntable, and your listening room!

There are several colors available and we can even install multiple colors!

Contact Us to get your U-Turn Orbit colorized!