Models We Service

At Seven HiFi Amp Co., we offer high quality repair service for many vintage and antique audio equipment models. Below is just a sample list of models we work on:

Vintage Solid State Tuner / Amp Combos

Fisher RS-2010
Kenwood KR-9400
Marantz 2330
Marantz SR9000G
Marantz 2325
Onkyo TX-8500
Pioneer QX-747
Pioneer SX-D7000
Pioneer SX-1010
Pioneer SX-3900
Sansui G-7700
Sansui G-8000
Sansui QR-1500
Technics SA-828
Technics SA-700
Yamaha CR-2020

Vintage Vacuum Tube Tuner / Amp Combos

Bogen RF 35
Bogen RB 115
Fisher 500-C
Fisher 800-C
Fisher 400
Harman Kardon Citation II
H.H. Scott 340B
Kenwood KW-55A
Pioneer SX-34
Sansui 1000A
Sansui 250

Vintage Solid State Amplifiers

Pioneer SA-9500

Vintage Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

Knight KM-15
McIntosh 240
McIntosh 275
Dynaco ST-70

Vintage Solid State Tuners

Pioneer TX-7500
Sansui TU-717

Antique Tube Console Radios / Turntables

RCA D7-7
Zenith 9-S-244
Sears Silvertone 528

Antique Tube Tabletop Radios

Arvin 751
Crosley B-25WE
Emerson 641-B
Philco 48-460
Philco 50-925
RCA Victor 3-RD-35
RCA Victor 8-X-541
Stewart Warner 9152-C
Wards Airline

Antique Tube Record Players

RCA 7-HF-5 Record Player


Pioneer PL-L1000
U-Turn Orbit

Other Vintage Gear

Eico 324 RF Signal Generator
Eico 377 AF Signal Generator

Odd Stuff

SSTran AMT-3000 AM Transmitter

… and many others!